Jack Dalton started playing music with his four brothers, THE DALTON BOYS, when he was six years old. They did the banquet circuit with their father, Walter Dalton, “Michigan’s Irish Tenor,” who also had his own radio show. When Jack was 17, he and two of his brothers, Wally and Dan, formed a folk group called THE DALTON BOYS and became successful performing at concerts and playing famous nightclubs such as Philadelphia’s LATIN QUARTER, New Orleans’ PLAYBOY CLUB, and New York’s BITTER END. They had a hit with “San Francisco Bay Blues” on Decca Records. THE DALTON BOYS appeared on several national TV shows like ABC’s HOOTENANNY, THE MIKE DOUGLAS SHOW, and MIKE WALLACE’s PM EAST.

After THE DALTON BOYS retired, Jack took on a writing partner, Gary Montgomery, and they signed with MOTOWN, recording their own songs. They moved to the West Coast and became staff writers for WHITE WHALE RECORDS and ROBBINS, FIEST AND MILLER, and wrote for THE TURTLES, THE OUTSIDERS, SPIRAL STARECASE,and APRIL AND NINO.

Jack and Gary formed a rock group, COLOURS, and had a hit single, “Brother Lou’s Love Colony,” on DOT RECORDS. After the group disbanded, Jack returned to Detroit and started a jingle company with Jeff Parsons. THE ROAD COMPANY quickly became the largest jingle company in Detroit. Jack wrote, arranged, played, and sang on most of the commercials.

In 1980 Jack returned to his “first love,” performing. He joined DOUG JACOBS’ RED GARTER BAND and played hundreds of one-nighters annually. Jack continues to make his living in Detroit, singing and playing guitar and banjo in
Detroit-based bands as well as being booked by Detroit agents as a single performer.

In 1990 Jack put together his own entertainment company and has been singing and entertaining in retirement and nursing homes. He performs around 250 shows a year.